This is what I want to see-JTC 614 Positioning

Today I am going to write about positioning. I was unfamiliar with the term in a public health realm but after the reading and class discussion I realize the importance of this social marketing step. With my interest in neonatology I decided to research positioning statements of neonatal nurses. The link provided is the position of the National Association of Neonatal Nurses on human milk availability in the NICU. This was a great example of a position statement I am passionate about. The position is below:

Association Position
Human milk and breastfeeding play an important role in the growth of the vulnerable
infant. A top priority for neonatal nurses is to ensure that all families understand the
unique role that human milk plays in the health of their child. Neonatal nurses should
incorporate vigilant monitoring of the lactation experience as part of their daily care in
order to optimize success. Research‐based education on human milk and breastfeeding
for the mother who is pumping to provide human milk for her infant is also critical.

As I read through the positioning statement and the background information and the interventions that could support this statement. I realized that the positioning statement is for internal use only. This is the organization’s beliefs. This positioning statement is a benefits-focused position. Feeding infants in the NICU human milk decreases infant mortality.


Here is an ad about NEC. Necrotizing enterocolitis kills premature babies. As the ad states using human milk reduces the risk of NEC by 79%!  This is a specific health condition that is chances of developing increases when the infant in the NICU receives cow or soy milk. This is an ad that supports the position of NANN. The position of NANN  regarding human milk in the NICU is not only to avoid NEC but to support optimal physical and mental growth of the premature infant.

In the NANN human milk positioning statement mentions as well defined measures that NICU nurses can be involved in support of the positioning statement. Observing and supporting lactation as part of the NICU nurses daily services and to provide research based education on human milk and on breastfeeding to the parent. This supports the positioning and has designed the offering of NICU nurses and their focus when working with this specific population or target audience.

donor-breast-milk   ab8c58c5356eaeddad40e340976cc304

I like this positioning statement as an example because it has good parameters which helps keep people involved on track and also inspired. The target audience is very clear with the focus being on NICU infants and they’re mothers. There is also the term human milk used which opens up the door for donated human milk being used rather than formulas. So even if the mother is not interested in breastfeeding their are options to make the position very realistic and reachable.  I named this blog post this is what I want to see to help remind myself that the postioning statement is an internal desire of what the campaign would like to see regardless of what marketing is utilized.



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