What? Where? and How Much? JTC-614 Marketing strategies product, price,place

We have now arrived at the stage of the campaign planning process where we get to use our creativity and hard earned wealth of knowledge from our research!  This to me is the fun part mainly because it seems more active. What product would we use to encourage behavior change in out target audience? Where would we place this product and what are the costs and savings , not the campaign developer, but the target audience.

I am going to look at health campaigns that promote increased breastfeeding rates.  This campaign ad below seems to be a presentation of the benefits of breast milk as a product for the baby.  It lowers the risks of ear infections, diarrhea, and pneumonia. I like how this can be breast milk pumped from the breast of from direct breastfeeding.  A large deterrent to breastfeeding is not being able to leave the baby, or not being able to have the dad or other family members help feed the baby. This focuses more on the substance of breast milk rather then the action. I would say that this campaign ad uses breast milk as the core product of the campaign.




These above campaign ads are a great example of the price of the product of breast milk. The top image is an inhaler and a bottle nipple. This ad I feel promotes the non monetary cost of future discomfort to your baby by putting them at an increased risk for respiratory diseases. The next one mentions if you don’t breastfeed your baby your baby will suffer the discomfort of an increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes later in life. These diseases are attempting to convince the audience into breastfeeding for increase non-monetary benefits during their babies lifetime which plays on  parents wanting their children to have the best opportunity in the future as possible. I do not like how the ads use a nipple of a bottle however, since you can provide your baby breast milk through pumping and bottle feeding which works just the same as actually breastfeeding the baby.  The final image is promoting increase monetary benefits from breastfeeding your baby. You will save money because breast milk is free and formula is expensive!

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Now lets talk about place! The first image I chose is a great example of the social obstacle of breastfeeding in public. There has been numerous occasions when women breastfeeding their infants have been verbally and physically accosted. There are even incidents where the moms were arrested! This ad of the women in the dirty bathroom feeding her baby opens the public’s’ eyes to the injustice of a baby having to do a natural process in a bathroom stall. This is not necessarily a place as a marketing strategy but it is a good example of promoting acceptance of behaviors in all places which then will encourage more motivation to participate in the behavior of breastfeeding. The next image is an example of where you could reach the audience deciding and needing support while attempting to breastfeed. Hospitals are a great place to assist and encourage the audience you are trying to reach to breastfeed.  Hospitals come into contact with a wide spectrum of audiences and tend to have good credibility in the community. There are also places in the community such as WIC which offers nutritional support to families of child bearing age. WIC deals with lower socioeconomic levels and also provides formula for free if the families qualify so this could definitely reach a target audience where the cost of formula is not a deterrent to breast milk.  The final image is at a elementary school. Most families with children in elementary school are of child bearing age. It is also a large spectrum of the population, and it is also beneficial to educate children about breastfeeding for their influence on their families and their own personal choices later in life.



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