Thanks for listening! JTC 614

This is my last blog post. Thanks for listening to me explore public communication campaigns. As I read through my blog post I can see that I have become more familiar to the social marketing and communication campaigns models. I am most surprised at how each step in the process is so in depth or at least should be for a successful campaign. As a nurse for so many years I do not view the world in such a broad manner.  I found myself having a hard time wrapping my head around the concept of the public. Like I have said before I am used to one on one interactions with patients and with health education. I know how to communicate well with lots of different people inter personally, however to attempt to reach the masses is intimidating. The limited funds and the possibility to fail is all very risky. I think learning the campaign development process in steps has helped me lose some of the fear in developing a campaign. The class broke it down, had great methods with case studies to give real life examples, and pointed out similarities to social marketing and commercial marketing.  I would have never in a million years have thought of that comparison.  However how would I coming from an inpatient hospital setting with no marketing background. I have come to appreciate my experiences and powers as a bedside nurse. It makes me feel blessed to make a difference in a families life one family at a time. I am also excited to use what I have experienced in nursing and to find ways to apply it to public health. I was never sure if RN/MPH  would go hand in hand, but after this class I feel more confident that it does! It seems that the world of public communication campaigns/social marketing is headed in a direction of focusing on smaller audiences, learning as much as you can about your audience, and making smaller obtainable goals. It seems that there is more evidence based research utilized which goes hand and hand with nursing practice…istock_000005866861medium


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